The PMCA’s role is to ensure that publishers’ copyright is respected and its value is appropriately recognised. By doing this the organisation protects and complements publishers' primary business revenues.

The PMCA administers print and digital copyright licencing on behalf of many major newspaper and magazine publishers across New Zealand – some of our major clients include Fairfax, NZME and Allied Press Ltd. Our catalogue includes over 150 national and regional newspapers and over 120 magazines. A current list of the publications that we represent can be found here.

Publishers provide a mandate to the PMCA to operate as a non-exclusive licensing agent with the ability to offer organisations licences allowing them to copy print and digital content (including that published on its members’ websites or via apps) for internal use. In total, more than 380 organisations currently hold a PMCA licence. These include media monitoring agencies, public relations consultancies and end user clients in the commercial, educational, charity and public sectors.

The pay-out generated for each publisher is based on usage - so the more a given title is clipped, reproduced or shared - the more revenue generated. There is no cost to join the PMCA, we will provide this service on your behalf with the PMCA retaining 30% of the revenue generated to cover administration costs. Represented publishers receive annual royalty payments.

If you are interested in this service, please do not hesitate to  email us or call us on 09 306 1657.