Monitoring Agencies

The PMCA grants licences to media monitoring organisations operating in New Zealand which supply content in paper and digital format to clients.

All licensed media monitoring agencies are required to submit monthly reports detailing all copying undertaken. They are also required to register all client information with us.

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up to the PMCA, please email us or call us on 09 306 1657.


The Print Media Copyright Agency (PMCA) has licensed Isentia, Streem and Meltwater to provide publisher’s licenced copyright print content to their clients.

When this content is further copied, stored or distributed in any form, a copying licence directly with the PMCA is required. Additionally, if the content provided by a media monitor is stored and available on an online portal a PMCA copyright licence is required. 

PMCA also holds a reciprocal licensing agreement with the NLA in the UK to represent UK publisher’s copyright print material.