NZ Herald Premium Content

13 May, 2019

NZME have recently introduced a paywall for their premium content. We have received several enquiries regarding an organisation’s ability to distribute/copy the “paywall content” internally under the relevant PMCA Copying licence.

Under the terms of your PMCA copying licence1, paywall content may only be used commercially if your organisation holds the requisite corporate subscription with the relevant media outlet. This includes the New Zealand Herald, National Business Review, Newsroom or any other PMCA digital publication.

For the avoidance of doubt, if any of your staff have taken an individual paywall subscription (or you have otherwise been granted a package of individual subscriptions/a group subscription as opposed to a full corporate subscription), they may not distribute/copy any paywall content within your organisation without the express permission of the rightsholder.

In these circumstances, we advise you to contact the relevant media outlet to obtain the requisite corporate paywall subscription.

NZ Herald Premium for corporates can be contacted using the link here.

Should you have any queries or concerns, please do contact us direct at 09 306 657 or via email at


1 – Clause 2.14 states: Where access to a website listed in the PMCA Publisher Website List is restricted by a paywall or it is otherwise necessary to have a subscription before access to such a website is possible, the provisions of clause 2 herein do not act so as to alleviate the Licensee’s need to pay to access such website.